A family service, from 7 pm to 7:40 pm.

Here are the term dates for the service.
While we set out these dates with best intentions sometimes things can change.
We will endeavour to make sure any changes are flagged up as soon as possible.

8.09.22 St Michael’s
15.09.22 St Paul’s
22.09.22 St Michael’s
29.09.22 St Paul’s

06.10.22 St Michael’s
13.10.22 St Paul’s
20.10.22 St Michael’s

03.11.22 St Michael’s
10.11.22 St Paul’s
17.11.22 St Michael’s
24.11.22 St Paul’s

01.12.22 St Michael’s
8.12.22 St Paul’s
15.12.22 St Michael’s

Supplementary form hand in details

Senior school forms can be handed in at church on the
Sunday 2nd October (At St Paul’s, St Michael’s, St James)
Thursday 6th October (St Michael’s)

The forms will be available for collection on
Thursday 20th of October (St Michael’s)
Sunday 23rd October (At St Paul’s, St Michael’s)
Please leave a note with the forms to say which church you wish to collect them from.